Our Suppliers


Caroline and Iain Price (Dipl.Brew) run a small microbrewery in Islandeady, County Mayo and hope you get the chance to enjoy their lovingly produced natural craft ales made on the Hilltop Farm.

Caroline and Iain operate the first microbrewery in County Mayo and the brewery is very much a part of their working farm. “If you enjoy our beer as much as the animals on the farm enjoy the spent grain from the brew, then we know we have done a good job!”, says Caroline.

On the Hilltop Farm they use whole hops with roasted and malted barley and brewer’s yeast to ferment with; all natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives. Our beers are triple hopped for extra flavour and the porter even has some of the farm’s own bog myrtle added aswell.

Irish malt is used and of course the water is from County Mayo!


Bluebell Falls Goats Cheese is Delicious and Healthy. At Bluebell falls the goats graze freely on the grass of the family farm run by Victor and Breda O’Sullivan. The diversity of breed, and traditional cheese making techniques, instil a quality value to the product.

Morning and evening milk is used to make each daily batch of Bluebell Falls goats cheese. Making Goats cheese is a traditional natural process, with milk transferred direct from the milking parlour to the dairy each day.

The milk is chilled, pasturised, and made into curds with vegetarian rennet. Once set, the curds are hung to strain for several hours in natural muslin bags, before the cheese is salted, rolled into a traditional log shape and hand packed. This is a young goats cheese, ready to eat a couple of days after making.



Located on the slopes of Croagh Patrick, Mescan Brewery is a true labour of love for founders and former vets Bart Adons and Cillian Ó Móráin, who built their brewery from the ground up, drawing water for their beer from a natural spring flowing beneath the slopes of the holy mountain. The beers are inspired by Bart’s native Belgium, with a range featuring their flagship blond beer, alongside a catalogue of traditional continental beer styles. The flavours may be Belgian, but the style is pure Ireland with the brewery named in honour of a monk who was personal brewer to St Patrick.



Reel Deel Brewery is a small craft brewery based in Crossmolina, County Mayo. Nestled at the foot of Nephin Mountain along the Wild Atlantic Way. Founded in 2014 by Marcus Robinson with the aim of producing outstanding local ales using the best in ingredients and leaving the bland, industrial stuff behind.

Marcus moved to Mayo with his wife Catherine, and family from Yorkshire to revisit Catherine’s Irish roots. After years of planning, mastering techniques, perfecting flavours and a lot of planning, Marcus and brewer Paul Williams have created an award winning range of craft beers.


Barbarrie Duckling Ltd.

Barbarrie Duckling Limited was established in 1993 to supply Barbarrie Duck (and other poultry) to the burgeoning continental restaurant trade in Ireland. Since the day the first case of Barbarrie Duck made its way to Monaghan, the company has grown to establish its products on the menu’s of Ireland’s Top restaurants.

Killary Fjord Shellfish

Killary Fjord Shellfish is a family run shellfish business based on Killary fjord. Simon has been growing mussels here since 1989 and he is considered one of the pioneers of mussel farming all those years ago.

At Killary Fjord Shellfish we farm blue-shell mussels also known as the common mussel on longlines submerged 8 meters under water. Killary is an ideal location for growing mussels thanks to the unique combination of fresh and sea water which gives the Killary mussel a distinctive sweet flavour. It is here on the Fjord that we grow, harvest, grade, depurate and debyss the mussels in our dispatch centre for local restaurants and wholesalers in the West of Ireland. Simon and his family live on the fjord flanking the mussel farm and it is this proximity to the farm that makes their mussels clearly the freshest mussels available locally.

The Yummy Oyster Company

We sell Fresh Oysters and Mussels Nationwide. Grown in Clew Bay, our Oysters are nurtured to produce the highest quality ‘Specials’. The exceptional flavour, not too sweet and not too salty is achieved by nestling them on the sea bed where 2 rivers wash spring water rich in nutrients down from the land and surrounding mountains to mix with the intertidal waters of Clew Bay on the Atlantic Coast of Ireland.

Our artisan Oyster Bar has been a sure-fire hit at the Towers Bar & Restaurant in Westport, and we are delighted to be their supplier!